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Selfie Stick instructions


How to attach your phone to the selfie Stick

  • • Cradle is spring loaded to safely grip phones up to 9cm wide
  • • Insert the attached cable into the phone's audio port
  • • Holding the selfie stick as shown in diagram 4, pull apart to extend to the desired length, up to 90cm
  • • Press the camera icon button on handle to take a photo or video


iOS users:

Selfie stick is compatible with iOS 5.0 and above:

No configuration required, simply plug the cable into the audio socket and open the camera app to start taking selfies.

Android users:

Selfie Stick is compatible with Android 4.0 and above.

Configure phone settings

Ensure your 'volume button function' is set to 'shutter' (or 'take photo') in your phone's camera settings, see screen shots below of Android 4.0. Other versions may look slightly different but the process is the same.


  • • Open the phone's camera app
  • • Select 'settings' (This is not the phone's settings but the camera's settings)
  • • Scroll down to 'volume button function' and change to 'shutter'


My selfie stick is still not working

Some Android phones with version 4.0 may not have the ability to change the 'volume button function' and therefore require an additional camera app, or you can simply use the phone's self timer to take the photo.

If you are experiencing problems or have any questions please get in touch via our contact us page.